Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shit Bitcoin Trillionaires Like

I tell myself there's still a chance, even though I sort of blew it.

I made 100 btc in 24 hours last year by coming up with an ethical bitcoin ponzi scheme gambling site thing. I sold my all my coin a few months afterwards for $1,300 to afford the next semester of my kids' private schooling during my fellowship in Manila. It was a cool school man. 3-D science lab. Swimming pool.

God I'm glad the IRS hasn't figured out how to approach bitcoin yet.

I still think it's a great time to get in, but now I'm living with my parents and Christmas is coming up and things are bad and I just really don't have anything to put in.

I'm haunted by the outlier possibility that bitcoin's big-time global adoption will happen before I get my shit together, and it'll go to a million dollars a coin, and I'll be sitting here with nothing.

In such a case, I'll be happy enough to live in The World Bitcoin Made, but I'm also thinking I'll need to figure out how to pander to the new global elite: a new .001% more powerful than any 1% before, whose common attributes include things like their prowess in pulling goatse pranks and their affinity for captioned cats.

What are the collateral cultural shifts that will be ushered in with The World Bitcoin Made? I mean other than Firefly coming back?

What will our new overlords spend their money on? What can I sell to you guys?

If you're a newly minted btc millionaire, I'd love to know.

And you can consider this my application to be your paid pocket witty friend.

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