Saturday, May 16, 2015

Alien Possession: A Stoic Mind Hack

There is a race of aliens, far far away, which are able to travel great distances instantaneously, but only in a clumsy and dangerous way.

The only way they know of to surmount the speed of light is to leave their physical bodies behind. They have visited earth, and other worlds, by parachuting the minds of their explorers into our bodies.

But when these intrepid explorers arrive, they are faced with a great danger. They come into our minds keeping all of our memories and chemical processes, to the frequent result that they are overwhelmed by our narratives and tasks, and forget their own. More often than not they forget their missions, and live out their lives as the people whom they had intended to only temporarily inhabit.

The above is as good as true. Your consciousness, this moment, is not bound to the resentments, plans, and prides you had the moment before. You may as well be a new person, inhabiting the body of [Your Body's Name Here]. In fact, depending on our definitions of "you" and "self", we could argue that you certainly are. 

That is not your ex-wife. That's not your job. Those aren't your beliefs, and you don't need to hold to them. That's not your anger. Don't get distracted. 

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