A book, born of our conversations

This blog is now one year old, and it's done alright for itself.

With a little over 35,000 page views this month, I'm becoming convinced that the recent popularity of techno-anthropology is not a flash in the pan, and that many of my readers are here to stay.

One of the persistent themes in my conversations with readers has been the eery similarity between "people like us." We are lucid dreamers and anarchists, idealists and iconoclasts. We think the same, prefer the same Greek poets, and often even like the same kinds of wine.

I've explored our similarities, and looked for a single common source of what accounts for them.  In the course of that exploration, I believe I found something more important.

Unclenched Heart would be a book about the origins of power, the incompatibility of love and coercion, and the exercise of freedom. It would be an account of my own revelation, and maybe it would help you find pieces of yours. It would be mostly nerdy and academic, but it would start like this.

Tell me if you're interested.